The European Library Open Dataset

RDF Statistics for the dataset "WWI Collection of the National Digital Library of Portugal"

Content Statistics


This document provides some statistical information regarding the usage of data elements in the dataset and the links to external datasets. For detailed information regarding the data elements used for The European Library Open Dataset, please consult the document: “ Linked Data at The European Library: Data Model and Vocabularies ”.

Usage of classes

The following table presents how many instances of each class exist in the dataset.

Class URI Number of RDF Triples
Web Resource 606
Place 600
Corporate Body 474
Person 465
Concept 364
Bibliographic Resource 307
Agent 101
Time Span 84
Event 35
Media Type Or Extent 3

Usage of properties

The following table presents how many triples exist in the dataset for all the properties used.

Property URI Number of RDF Triples
rights 1,212
subject 891
sameAs 872
format 779
label 705
placeOfPublication 597
identifierForThePerson 465
nameOfThePerson 465
nameOfTheCorporateBody 428
dateOfBirth 414
intendedAudience 389
dateOfDeath 384
dateOfPublication 373
languageOfTheContent 307
Is Shown At 303
object 303
titleProper 303
modeOfIssuance 303
provenance 303
wholePartResourceRelationshipWith 303
contentType 302
extent 298
publisher 298
nameOfThePlace 296
statementOfResponsibility 285
noteOnResource 248
identifier 245
abstract 231
formerOwner 213
contributor 193
creator 192
longitude 133
latitude 133
nameOfTheAgent 101
begin 84
end 81
Alternative Title 78
Has Part 57
periodOfActivityOfThePerson 40
Table Of Contents 33
author 19
description 14
donor 12
director 12
seriesStatement 10
titleOfThePerson 7
translationOf 4
photographer 3
titleOfTheWork 3
editor 2
editionStatement 1
otherDetailsOfCartographicContent 1
lyricist 1
translator 1
compiler 1
mediaType 1
illustrator 1

Usage of data types

The following table presents how many triples exist in the dataset which use specified RDF data types.

RDF Data Type Number of RDF Triples 909 606 532 303

Existing links to external LOD datasets

The dataset is linked to external datasets of different kinds which are published as linked open data. The following tables presents existing to published subject heading systems, classification systems, ontologies and other datasets.

Subject Heading Systems

Subject Heading System Language Number of RDF triples
Library of Congress Subject Headings English 0
Rameau ( French 0
Gemeinsame Normdatei German 0
Library of Congress Children’s Subject Headings English 0

Classification Systems

Classification System Number of RDF triples
Library of Congress Classification 0
Dewey Decimal Classification 0

Other datasets and ontologies

Dataset/Ontology Number of RDF triples
ISO639-2 Languages 307
MARC Countries 303
Geonames 133
VIAF Virtual Union Authority File 0


We welcome feedback, and are particularly keen to hear about applications of the dataset, and requests for improvement. Your feedback will contribute to guide our future work.

Questions and requests about linked open data at The European Library may be sent by email to , or on twitter @europeanlibrary